Hotel Digital Marketing

Electronic Leads (eLeads) provides effective, comprehensive hotel digital marketing services aimed at driving direct online bookings. Our unique experience in the hospitality Industry helps hotels to unlock the potential of the Internet by harnessing key online technologies.

We understand hotel and hospitality metrics, real life challenges and have designed a range of hotel specific solutions that provide real results hence we guarantee maximum online ROI and room bookings.

When a client signs with us, they are acquiring a trusted partner. We have strong relationships with our clients, and this makes clients have confidence with eLeads. As our clients’ expert advisor on digital issues, they know they can trust us to fulfill all of their hotel online marketing desires.

What We Offer

Hotel Digital MarketingHaving a website for your hotel is the number one step towards successful hotel digital marketing. It puts your hotel where the Leads are because most guests look for information online before they can make a booking decision.

It’s therefore essential that you have a professional website set up for your hotel.

We can help build a website for your hotel with the features highlighted below ;

  1. Responsive – respond to  user’s behavior and environment based on the device’s screen size, platform and orientation.
  2. Simple navigation – We create clear and simple website which help visitors find what they want quickly and easily.
  3. Attractive design – We create attractive websites which are align with your business brand while being attractive to the eyes of the website visitors with a balance between attractive design and content that’s easy to read and fast to load.
  4. Helpful Content – in collaboration with your team we will help you create informative content that help potential clients better understand your hotel services.

Search Engine Optimization is known to be the most effective hotel digital marketing tool for generating cost effective online traffic to business websites over the years. What makes the S.E.O strategy tick is that it continues to generate traffic and revenue long after the initial optimization is done.

Our optimized website is loved by search engines because they complement our “conversion based” design with keyword based organic content to strike a balance between usability & search-ability.

With hotel S.E.O package you will achieve the following: 

Hotel Digital Marketing

  1. Unique content that will provide your website visitors with the information they need hence prompting them to make the booking decision right away.
  2. Lead potential guests to your best-selling page on the website
  3. Increase your brand visibility in the search results
  4. Boost your website’s authority in your niche which unique and useful content
  5. Provide you with useful & easy to understand actionable reports
  6. Ensure your website is up to date with the latest search engine technology for maximum results
  7. Align your Social media goals with your website optimization to broaden your reach.
  8. Work with your sales team in the direction of your marketing plan.


SEO can be a very complex area to explore and therefore businesses in the hospitality industry might hesitate to jump in. At eLeads, we cut through the complexity of SEO and provide clear and actionable points that bring real results.

With more than three billion people around the world using social media each month, it’s no passing trend. It has quickly become one of the most important aspects of hotel digital marketing, which provides incredible benefits that help hotels reach millions of customers both locally & world over. 

It is therefore essential for modern hotels to embrace this strategy in order to maximize on their customer potential. At eleads we believe in aligning social media marketing with all other marketing efforts so that they combine for the best results. Hotel digital marketing

Our social media strategies enable your hotel to connect and interact with potential guests in a personalized and proactive manner.

We help hoteliers leverage the social giants such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and You-tube as well as channels like Google+ and Pinterest.

Some of the benefits you will realize with our interactive social media strategy are;

  1. Increased brand awareness
  2. Increased traffic to your website 
  3. Broad online presence
  4. Competitive advantage
  5. Increase in hotel room bookings hence increase in revenue

Email marketing for hotels is a cost-effective and powerful means of increasing the visibility of your hotels brand.

Our email Marketing solution allows you to specifically target potential and repeat guests hence building a useful relationship with them, encouraging continued interaction and converting their interest in your hotel into real bookings.  hotel digital marketing

We provide cutting edge responsive email designs complemented with persuasive and appropriate messages that prompt potential guest to make buying decisions on the go.

The eLeads complete Hotel Email Marketing solution offers:

  1. Strategic emails to continually engage guests
  2. Intelligently segmented mailing lists
  3. Advanced tracking and reporting
  4. Unsurpassed client service

hotel digital marketingOnline Travel Agents such as, expedia and Jumia play an increasingly important role in the hotel Booking process. OTA’s often provide a valuable source of business.  They can be used to maximise revenue often in periods of low or uncertain demand.

At eLeads we help you set up and optimize your preferred OTA’s for best performance thereby improving efficiency, accuracy and profitability.  

hotel digital marketingCreating an intelligent, cutting-edge hotel booking engine requires a combination of beauty, design and user interface expertise.

We're passionate about helping hotels improve their conversion rate and strengthen their sales strategy, hence our team combines creative virtuosity expertise to create a booking engines with incredible conversion rates. Our team is able to take a brief, work with advanced API’s and create beautiful, responsive, custom booking engines for you hotel (or hotel group). Challenge us with your brief.

We tailor make booking engines for your hotel to maximize your internet sales, income and improve your sales. why not challenge us with your project?



hotel digital marketingWe set-up goals and tracking based on your hotel’s KPI’s. Our team can also set-up regular and meaningful reporting data that helps you to easily track progress online.

The tangible results are based on the accurate data that will help you and your team make feasible decisions to improve your sales.

PPC in an abbreviation for Pay Per Click, a form of advertising that involves setting up an account with major search engines such as google, designing ads and trusting the search engines to distribute this ad at a fee.

The Ads performance will rely on the expertise of the team tasked in preparing and initiating the Ads. Our Google qualified hotel digital marketing specialists have years of experience in providing our hotels with +1000% ROI on marketing spend. hotel digital marketing

We will do keyword research and analysis to land at the most profitable keywords and description texts that will work for your hotel in order to get you the best results for your Ads hence increasing traffic and bookings through to your website.

What will you get?

  1. Highly customized campaigns
  2. Intelligent re-marketing
  3. A cost effective solution
  4. tailored landing pages