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Hotel Digital marketing

How Hotel Digital Marketing is changing the Marketing Game for Hotels in Kenya

The relevance of hotel digital marketing in Kenya has been evident in the tourism sector since its initialization. It has gone further to…
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hotel digital marketing - photography

The importance of photography in hotel digital marketing

Digital marketing without photography eliminates the proof that a business exists. Photography has often played a significant role in convincing customers to make…
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hotel digital marketing - OTA

The importance of online travel agencies in hotel digital marketing

The role that online travel agencies play in ensuring the visibility of your hotel business is incredible. Most of these online agencies like…
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hotel digital marketing - social media

The importance of social media in hotel digital marketing

Since the introduction of social media, the online community has grown tremendously making it become a considerable factor in hotel digital marketing. It…
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S.E.O in hotel digital marketing

The importance of SEO in hotel digital marketing

SEO has proven to be a crucial tool when it comes to hotel digital marketing. If used appropriately, it can easily put your…
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